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TomCat 9.7 Maintenance Issues

This page lists problems encountered by owners, suggestions offered by other owners, and recommendations from the manufacturer (if available).  Where solutions are provided, details may be found by clicking one of the above links.  Issues which require a more detailed description, with photos, are may be found by clicking item icon in the description column.   

Individual owners may have made unique modifications to their boats that make them more comfortable, more efficient, and/or in line with personal tastes.  A link to these personalized "Enhancements" is provided on the Owners page. 

Problems encountered by owners may be unique to different geographical areas and have a recommended practice that is specific to that location.  For example, zebra mussels are a problem on portions of the Great Lakes, which means monitoring motor coolant exhaust and periodic impeller inspection.  Salt water sailing also has unique problems. 

Summary of Reported Problems

TomCat 9.7 Problems Encountered by Owners
Description Boats affected Owner's Solution Builder's solution
Water in rear compartment All members Hull #6 installed a bilge pump.  Periodic inspection recommended.  Cause of water infiltration and recommended solution is to be determined.  On new boats, the mounts for the rudder hardware have been modified to minimize this effect. 
Rudders stick TBD lubricant?  Reduce stock thickness? Rubbing some marine grease on the tops of the rudders helps.  The thickness of rudder stocks has been reduced on newer production boats.
Antifouling: problem with slime build up. Ocean berthed Selection of best paint for local conditions?  (Not available on Great Lakes) No further complaints have been submitted.  It is suspected that the type of bottom paint was the problem.  Builders in Canada are prohibitied access to paints that contain slime inhibitors.
Trampoline lacing Hull #1 Photo (link).
Modified on later boats
A new method of lacing trampolines has been included on later production boats
See owner manual
Stern Life lines:  no protection All members Tether crew member working winches (Tango) The TomCat 9.7 has been certified for export to Europe.  These model boats have extra lifelines and protection around the stern of each hull. 


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